Do I need to make an appointment?

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An appointment is necessary to come in to the boutique. This is to ensure that the designer can sit with you personally and discuss your design ideas and give you the time to view our sample range and try on any gowns in a private setting.

Do I have to bring anything to my appointment?

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Often when thinking of designing a gown from scratch, whether it be a wedding or evening gown, it is recommended that you start by collecting different images of things that you like. It may not be images of your perfect gown, but rather a collation of different gown images with design features that appeal to you. Your choices and your ideas will help the designer get to know you and your tastes which will lead to a design sketch of the perfect gown especially for you. This is completely up to you however – otherwise you can just feel comfortable to come in to your appointment and know that Souraya is sure to understand your needs!

Can I bring People to my appointment?

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Of course, members of family and friends are most welcome. But keep in mind our boutique is quite small and cosy so as to ensure the intimate nature of the process.

Can I come in and browse through the collection at Souraya before I make an appointment?

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Unfortunately walk ins are not available at Souraya and this is to ensure our high level of customer service is delivered to every customer. Please give us a call or visit our ‘Contact Us’ page to make an appointment for a private consultation.

When should I make an appointment?

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When you and your fiancé have set a date for the wedding, it is then a good time to get thinking about your wedding gown design and bridal party outfits. We are available Monday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sundays by appointment only. We are very flexible with times so feel free to give us a call and we will make an appointment that is convenient for you. If you are thinking of getting an evening gown made then the sooner the better so that the process is as enjoyable and relaxed as possible so that we can create something unique and amazing for you.

Will I be charged for a consultation?

No, at Souraya we do not charge for a consultation, we like you to feel comfortable to come in and discuss all your needs at your convenience.

How many times can I come before making a commitment?

We like to make things as easy as possible for you and we can honestly say that by the first visit it is easy to have made a decision as to whether you would like Souraya to make your special gown.

How early should I book my Souraya gown?

It is recommended that you book your gown between 6-12 months before your wedding. This is to ensure we have enough time to source all necessary materials for your designs, as most of the materials used at Souraya are sourced from Europe for their quality and uniqueness. It also ensure you enjoy the process without feeling rushed for time. This way you are guaranteed to receive the best service in originality and quality the designer can offer.
For evening gowns a good 10-4 months prior to the event is great for the same reasons.

Oh No! I am getting married sooner than that!

Take a deep breath and do not panic! Just give us a call to make an appointment as soon as possible so we can sit with you and discuss your needs and ideas. At Souraya we will do the very best to accommodate for you. It can all be done! We offer the same advice for evening gowns also, so not to worry just give us a call!

I live interstate, how can I still have a Souraya gown?

Even though Souraya gowns, both limited eduition items and the made to measure designs, are only available through the Souraya boutique, we can still work around this. Having dealt with many interstate brides, it wouldn’t be a problem to schedule your fittings to fall on consecutive days which you are in Sydney so that you are not travelling back and forth! Just give us a call and the team at Souraya will be glad to discuss the most convenient options with you.

I have no idea what I want! Do I have to know before a consultation?

No, at Souraya we are here to help, we will get to know you and your personality before going on to design a gown for you by asking a series of questions about the wedding or event and go on to discussing the things you like and dislike. We will go through sample styles with you and determine a silhouette that most flatters your figure. We then move onto discussing different fabrics, colours and embellishments which will make your gown come alive and really encapsulate the type of person that you are.

Don’t feel alone as most brides don’t know what they want! So this is why we advise that you put together a scrap book of ideas. Even if you are sure of what you don’t want – the process of elimination is often the best place to begin. Ask yourself “how do I imagine my gown? Is it flowy or romantic? Princess or Grecian?” What ever your imagination desires … we will deliver!

I want to lose weight before I wear the gown. Is that a problem with made to measure?

No that’s fine. Because of the fact that there is up to 5 fittings, the gown is not measured, made and delivered finished to you. It is a process that allows you to see the gown come together and allows us to perfect the fit and style up until the pick up date. Just make us aware of your intentions so that we can accommodate your fittings accordingly.

How long does it take to make a wedding or evening gown?

It all really depends on the design and the amount of work involved. It could be 50 hours, 100 hours or 500 hours. Because of the unique style at Souraya, you will find that most designs are draped and hand sewn which means a lot more hours go in to the making of the design. Again, it all depends on the style of the gown.

Will I be dealing directly with the designer after I have booked my gown?

Absolutely! Is very important to the designer, Souraya Favaloro, that every customer is dealt with on a personal level. From sketch, through to discussing all the finer details of the design and to every fitting, the designer will be there with you.

How much can I expect to pay?

Wedding gowns start from $8 000.00. For evening gowns, including bridesmaids, mother of the bride and mother of the groom, prices start from $3000.00. The final cost any design depends on the detail and labour involved. We are more than happy to have an initial chat over the phone or via email about your ideas and give you a very rough idea as to the cost. An exact cost can only be given once design details including fabrics and materials have been confirmed . All of our quoted prices include all fabrics and materials as well as labour required to create your design unless otherwise stated.

How much deposit do I need to pay?

When booking your made to measure gown at Souraya, a 40% deposit is required. Payments are divided in to three, which are due at different stages during the process.

What are the methods of payment?

At Souraya we take cash and direct deposit/internet banking for your payments.

How many fittings are involved?

With any made to measure gown in total there are up to five or six fittings involved in creating your gown. The very first being a toil, which is a cotton version of the basic gown design to ensure fit and design details such as necklines and train lengths. For more information on the fitting process of made to measure please visit ‘made to measure’ in the services section of our website.

Does Souraya design and make bridesmaids, flower girl and mother of the bride/groom gowns?

Yes we do offer this service at Souraya to compliment the bride and theme of the wedding. We classify this as evening wear with prices starting at $3000.00 for bridesmaids and mother of the bride/groom. Prices for flower girls start from $1000.00+ using high end silks and materials.

Can I have just bridesmaids, flower girl or evening wear made with Souraya?

Yes we do offer this service also. Depending on the style and budget you have we are happy to discuss your ideas and needs with you.

What guarantee do I have that everything will be perfect and on time?

Souraya is a well established and trustworthy designer and caters to your every fashion need with the support of a highly experienced team totalling well over 20 years in the industry. Many clients come from referrals and word of mouth, proving that Souraya customers are happy customers who are spreading the word.

With every gown booking, an agreement is signed on by both the customer and the designer, which outline the design details (together with a sketch) and price which binds you and Souraya to deliver as promised. Every gown is made through a series of fittings so you are seeing the gown come together eliminating the possibility of you ending up with a gown that you don’t like or that is running behind schedule. Your fittings are scheduled when the deposit has been made, making sure that your couture experience is organized and stress free. Your gown will evolve in each fitting and you have the flexibility and the opportunity to alter any aspects of the design if you wish to do so right up until your last fitting. At Souraya we create a partnership with every customer so that we are working together towards the same goal!