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The best fabrics, trims, crystals, lace, special fabric manipulation, colours and styles are offered to every bride looking to have bridesmaid gowns designed and made to measure.

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We follow the same exclusive process as our bridal gowns to create every bridesmaid gown. Having your gowns made to measure with Souraya is perfect for those brides trying to avoid that ‘bridesmaid’ look. If you are wanting your girls to be wearing designs that compliment their figure and make them feel comfortable while still having the glamorous and fashionable look of a red carpet gown then give us a call to book a consultation!

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Ideas or concepts, sketches and pictures are all welcome and they can all be created just for you. With Souraya’s distinctive design skills we can work together with you to design and create a design that completely encompasses your personality and taste in fashion. With up to five fittings (depending on the style of garment) you are sure to end up with exactly what you have been looking for. After we have sketched up a few designs and made a selection we are ready to pick fabrics, colours and any trims or fabric manipulation. We then move on to your fittings.

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Initially, your first fitting will be a calico (mock fabric). The calico is a stage we like to refer to as more for he designer than it is for you, as the calico seems to be far less luxurious than the stunning fabrics we like to use! The calico is the very beginning of the made to measure process where we can test measurements, lines and the cut of the garment on your body. Maybe we start with a straight strapless gown and then decide at the calico that a scooped strapless line would look a lot more flattering. It is this freedom you have with made to measure.

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in the next three stages of the creation process you begin to see the garment come together in the chosen fabric. The design begins to reveal itself right in front of your eyes and on your body with any selected trims (if chosen to use in the design) being applied in layers to your garment. This step by step creative process gives you the chance to add or take away from the design as you see fit, with our professional advice. Sometimes it is easier this way as you can see it right in front of you and you’re not stuck with what you simply have to live with when buying off the rack in standard sizing.

From sketch to creation you will certainly save yourself of visiting every store across town trying to find that exquisite and unique bridesmaid gown, by just contacting our friendly staff to arrange a personal one on one consultation with Souraya; we are more than happy to help!