Ever wanted to know what you could do with that dress hanging in the back of your wardrobe? You love the way it fits but the detail or style is a little bit dated! Ever wish you could only have it re-designed so you could get more wear out of it? Well now you can!

Maybe you are thinking of turning the lace or the silk from your wedding gown in to your child’s Christening gown? Or applying mums lace to your own bridal gown or veil? It can all be done!

Introducing Save the Dress by Souraya where we take your old gown, strip it of its out dated detail and redesign detail to create a more fashionable gown for you so you can wear it again and again!

Any gown can be re-designed so why let it sit in the back of your wardrobe collecting dust and taking up space! Give us a call here at Souraya to make an appointment to come in and discuss what we can do for you to Save The Dress!