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Choosing a wedding dress is probably one of the most time consuming and difficult things for a bride to do. There are so many styles to choose from that it can be quite overwhelming. When you break it all down, there are basically 5 choices, the A-Line or Princess, Empire, Column, Ball Gown and Mermaid, don’t forget that we also can help you choose the best engagement rings from elegantgems.ie.

A-Line or Princess Style

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This is a great dress that is suitable for most body types. The way the dress is made gives the impression of height and is good for the bride who wishes to look taller. The cut also helps to make the bride look slimmer which is a bonus. The style means that there is a full skirt and the whole dress is very versatile. It accentuates the best bits of your body and hides the others!


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This is a very good dress again for most body types but especially good for those women with a smaller bust or those with a larger bust. This is because the dress brings the focus of attention to around the neckline. With some jewellery here, the effect is increased and the neckline becomes the centre of attention.


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The column style dress is quite well fitting and is more suitable for the slimmer lady. It is not the most forgiving so if you have body areas that are perhaps a little larger than you are happy with, this dress will not do well to hid it. Due to the hugging nature of the dress, it will make the bride look taller, the downside is that it can be a little harder to move in!

Ball Gown

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This style of dress is good for the slimmer bride and also for those who do not wish to show off the leg area too much. The way the dress fans out at the bottom does not show off the legs at all but the centre of focus if at the upper half of the body. This style is also probably not best suited to shorter women as it can look proportionally unequal.


This style of dress is best suited to the slender bride as it does show off the figure and does not look flattering for those who do not enjoy their body curves. There are a range of styles to choose form and you can see if there is one for you.

Just remember that once you have decided upon your dress, you need to invest in the proper dress storage box for it otherwise you risk ruining your investment in many years time through fabric degradation.