Hi Souraya,

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Happy New Year and best wishes for 2016! This is just a thank you to let you know that your dress was an absolute winner. I wore the dress that evening and it was just magical. I was transformed into a princess and felt like on! I honestly must say that I had a ball dancing around, enjoying myself. Everyone said I looked gorgeous (and were a bit surprised I guess to see me turn out so smartly!) I received heaps of compliments on my dress and I must thank you for all your hard work. Just sending you a couple of pics Ravi clicked before I left. Will send you others when I get them.



January 2016




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Just want to sincerely thank you so much for my dresses and transforming them into beautiful pieces! I absolutely loved my ceremony dress – didn’t want to take it off but then changed and loved wearing the fun party dress as well. Our wedding day was the best day ever and I couldn’t have looked that way without your creative touch on my ready to wear dresses!

Thank you XOXO


*Save the dress bride

August 2015



“still so in love with my dress, hand down the best couture dressmaker in Sydney! With a heart of gold”


July 2015



“Thank you for making me the most amazing gown! Xx”

Ortenzia Borre

July 2015



Hi Souraya,

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Where do I begin!! I can’t thank you enough for my amazing gown for my brothers wedding! Your professionalism and outstanding work! I loved meeting you and working with you with absolutely no need to stress and at such short notice you created this for me and I am so thankful! Everyone commented on how amazing it is and how I looked in this gown and it’s all thanks to you. Thank you thank you thank you! I now know where to go when I need a gown and will definitely be recommending you to others! You are amazing!

Thank you again

Lydia x

May 2015



Hi Souraya,

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It was absolutely wonderful night. Thank you very much for the email! The dress was amazing. Honestly everyone loved it!! Especially my mum lol. Thank you for all your efforts in creating the dress. I loved it! I’ll send you a few photos :)


May 2015



Hello Souraya,

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Hope you are well. Thank you so much for the beautiful gowns, I loved them both. Everything went the way I wanted including the weather lol. Leaving for the honeymoon soon, so looking forward to it. Once again thank you for doing the beautiful dresses xox ….”It looks beautiful cant wait to see the rest of the pics. Thanks heaps for the beautiful gowns.”


May 2015



“I’ve attached some of the professional christening photos. I hope these photos do justice as the dress is still talked about!”

Lorette, Chantilly Jewels

April 2015



“I had the best day, everyone had a blast and I was complimented by everyone on the dress. I was told that the dress hugged me in all the right places and gave me a nice hour glass shape. You did an amazing job and I will send some photos when I get them back from the photographer. I am sure I will be seeing you again some to get some evening dress made. Xx


April 2015



“It was such a pleasure to work with you on designing my dress! I absolutely loved the end result and received loads of compliments. We had some great laughs along the way too and i will definitely come to see you again to get other things made xxx”


April 2015



Hi Souraya,

Thank you again beautiful girl the star of the dress was by far the bodice everyone loved the detail and loved the dress was getting compliments about it all night. You’ll defiantly see me next time I have an occasion to make a dress. I hope your week wasn’t to stressful Hun xx


March 2015



Hi Souraya!

How are you? Wanted to let you know that the dress was such a big success and talking point on the weekend. Everyone LOVED it, even the oldies. A lot of girls were saying it was the most beautiful bridal dress they seen…..nice! Waiting to get some pics back from Justin then I will forward to you to check out. Thank you again, I felt so good in the dress. x


February 2015



“Thank you for your incredible work! Those hand s of yours are magic!! The compliments were rolling in for both my dresses and all my bridesmaids and 2 flower girls.”


February 2015



Dear Souraya,

I just want to thank you for your phenomenal work that you have done today for my daughter Rosa’s dress, bridesmaids and flower girls. Thank you for your patience and exceptional talent in making Rosa relax knowing her vision for her dress would be made as she had hoped. You exactly created the dress that Rosa had planned to wear on this special day. Thank you for your expertise, care and excellence in completing a stunning gown for our daughter Rosa.

Love Pina and Joe

February 2015



“ Can’t wait to show you professional shots. Thank you so much! It was a complete success! Thank you my mum got compliments all day!”


January 2015



Hey Souraya!

I am good, how are you? Good to hear from you! The gown fitted well, it wasn’t showing much (at least that’s what I think) :) I have uploaded couple of photos if you wanna have a look and judge for yourself :) So far, so good with the little one, fingers crossed it stays that way. Thank you so much for the dress again, you received many compliments on the day! :)

Kind Regards,


January 2015



“Thank you so much everybody loved it and most of all Eddie loved it xx”


December 2014



“Thank you sooooooo much for your hard work. I loved my dress, I had a lot of compliments. If it was not for your hard work the look I envisioned would not have come together. Hope to see you soon”


December 2014



“A few pictures as promised. Thanks again!! It always looks better when all done up with scarf and makeup. And yes it’s ok to share on Facebook. Promote your amazing work!! Xoxo”

Rana and Jamileh

September 2014



“Amazing work!!! I can’t honestly thank you enough!!! Xxx”


August 2014



Hi Souraya

It’s me Patricia. I just wanted to tell you we had Christian’s wedding on the weekend and the dress you made, it just absolutely won so many compliments, you just have no idea! So my hat goes off to your work, its just absolutely incredible! I knew it was but obviously with so many compliments I just had to tell you. You did such an incredible job on my beautiful dress! I will endeavor to print up some photos soon and pop them over to you. Take care, it was absolutely gorgeous – the whole thing! Thanks a lot darling!


April 2014



Dearest Souraya,

Thank you for going above and beyond to make my dresses to special. You are an amazing person with a heart of gold which shows through your warm nature. Thank you for being a down to earth and easy to work with. I feel like I have known you for years. Thank you for being the person that you are, wish you every success in the world!

Lots of Love


April 2014



Hey lovely,

How are you? I feel like it has been forever since my wedding, but I finally got around to messaging you! People are still raving about those dresses they were amazing! I finally have some photos from my wedding! I have posted them on my Facebook but I don’t know why I can’t tag you. So I have attAched some for you. Also my sister got engaged!!! And I’m sure she will be in touch soon! Talk to you soon I’m sure!


March 2014



“Hi Beautiful! Thank you so much, it was an amazing day and everyone loved my dresses!! Thank you so much, hope your well, see you soon mwah”


February 2014




A huge thank you for being part of our special day! Onella looked so elegant. We absolutely loved working with you and wait to do it again.

Love James & Audit

February 2014



Dear Souraya,

Please see attached beautiful, elegant gown you created for me. Thank you for your understanding and being patient with me of changing mind and design where at the end you created a gown that is truly amazing and received many compliments especially with your beautiful hand beading, and the way each lace were positioned, truly amazing. Thank you again and hope to work with you again sometime in the future.



January 2014



Dear Souraya

How can I even begin to say thank you for all you’ve done for my daughter Maris?

From the very beginning you showed respect to what Maris wanted, giving her sound advise, working with her to create the stunningly beautiful gowns Maris and the bridesmaid wore. There were the difficult moments where Maris was unsure or didn’t like something and you always dealt with her in a very professional way yet gentle and reassuring. The end result, on the day Maris looked incredible a vision in lace and tulle and the bridesmaid stunning. Thank you for your help on the day, I don’t know what I would have done without you at my place. It was fun all the way. Once again Thanks a million.


October 2013




What can i say – thank you, thank you, thank you for creating my perfect wedding dress. From our very first meeting, I instantly had a great feeling about you and I knew that you understood my vision and what I wanted. My wedding dress was perfectly me and I am so grateful for all the love, time, energy, care, passion and perfection with which you created my dress. The process and journey which you brought me along was absolutely incredible and what a blessing it has been to have met and befriended you. I’m sad that the wedding planning has come to an end as the past year, my highlights really have been coming in for our appointments. But I couldn’t be happier that you were part of it all. I’m so excited to see where your business and brand will take you and I wish you all the happiness and success in the world.

Your happiest customer,

Ranny xoxo

September 2013




I wanted to share a few photos with you. It was a magical and a beautiful day ~and yes you were right it goes in a flash …I wanted to revive it all again. 
I felt beautiful and the gown was exactly what I had envisioned -thank you…
please check 
Cliche Photography and you will be able to see some of the photos. 
if you want to share any ~it is ok by me…
looking forward to see you and give you a big hug..


July 2013



Hi Souraya,

Fits perfect babe, couldn’t wait till I got home hehe love it, its beautiful! I’ll be ordering some more bras from you soon.

Thanks Again,


Lingerie Customer

July 2013



Hi Souraya!!!

We are finally back in Sydney and so wishing we were still in Vanuatu haha The wedding day was better than we imagined in our minds and we were so blessed because the sun came out shining!!! All the days before and after were a bit on and off with the rain but 12th June arrived with a morning earthquake and bam! the sun! Our wedding photographer has already posted up photos on his website which I’m so so happy to share with you! He captured the day so wonderfully! Thank you thank you thank you again for my dress! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves :) Everyone loved my dress and I cannot thank you enough for all your help! I’m going to organise another catch up with you soon to see what we can do with the dress now that the big day has come and gone.

Speak soon

Remiko Xo

June 2013



Just a cheeky note from a raining afternoon in Budapest. Just found your FB page and liked it … Won’t get my photos till Greg and I are back but dying for you to see some shots. Will send some through from my ipad now. The dress was incredible. I felt amazing in it all day and it was so comfortable – oh and everyone adored it!! I will be forever grateful xxx

Jennifer D

July 2013



Hi Souraya,

How are you? The wedding was yesterday. Everybody loved my dress… Thank you!

Danni xxx

June 2013



 Dear Souraya,

Here are some photos from our wedding that really show the dress in its best light!  Thank you so much for your amazing skill in making it!  The dress really brought together exactly what I had in mind.  I had many comments from guests on how beautiful it was and also from members of the public when we did our location shots – which  was quite unexpected! Everything about it was perfect :)  I have also sent you the link to our full wedding album if you wish to use any photos from that.

Best Wishes,

Emily & Michael

June 2013



Souraya, a BIG thank you for my beautiful dress it looked wonderful at the wedding and I had comments from everyone saying how nice it is. You made my day

Sonya Elbaz

November 2012



Dear Souraya

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me create the perfect gown for my special day.  It was a dream come true to see all my ideas come to life and you made the whole experience so enjoyable with your creative flair, talent and professionalism.

Many Thanks


Laura K.P

October 2012



Dearest Souraya,

I would like to thank you for my gorgeous bridesmaid dresses. From the initial processof choosing fabrics you have been very professional and understanding. I cannot wait to see my gorgeous bridesmaids int heir custom gowns, they will look simply stunning! I really appreciate the hard work and dedication you have shown over the past 6 months. I really cannot thank you enough. Looking forward to many more years of friendship.

Laura F


October 2012


To Dear Souraya,

Thank you so much for creating such a stunning dress so that I could feel beautiful at my 50th birthday celebration. You were fabulous to work with throughout the process and I am filled with admiration and gratitude to you or adding sparkle to my special day.

With much love and many thanks,



August 2012


Dear Souraya,

Thank you so much for sponsoring me one of your beautiful dresses and accessories for my red carpet charity event earlier this month. It was a show stopper!

Thanks Again

Piper O’Neill



Mum and I had already been wedding dress shopping for over a month and it was becoming more stressful by the hour. But when we walked into Souraya Bridal, we were immediately welcomed with a smile and the initial consultation just went perfectly. I was really comfortable chatting to Souraya because I felt like she really listened to me and simply understood exactly what I wanted. As I watched her sketch the wedding dress in my mind, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for and it only got better from there. Souraya was really focused on making me feel like a princess in my gown. My dress fittings became my favourite part of wedding planning and Souraya was no longer a wedding supplier but a friend. She was so flexible when I would change my mind and she was always so cheerful. Then we started working on Mum’s dresses for the wedding too; her ceremony one and her evening one. Souraya worked so hard on both! On the day of my wedding, I felt every bit the princess. I was in the dress of my dreams and my husband was just amazed. As for Mum, one year on, people are still ranting to me about how royal and stunning her evening gown was. Thank you Souraya for helping to make my special day as special as I dreamed for it to be! Thanks also for being a wonderful friend to me and my whole family.


July 2012



To Souraya,

I can’t thankyou enough for your amazing work on my bridesmaids and mum dress for my wedding.

From the first day i met you- you were very down to earth, easy to get along with and you understood exactly what i was after without charging a fortune!

The detail you put into every dress made my guests want to look closer. We loved the feathers on the girls and the lace on my mums.

We love looking back on photos! Thanks again & you are highly recommended!


August 2011


To Souraya

Just a little note to thank you for my lovely mother of the bride dress. It turned out beautiful. Thank you again for all your help.


Charlene V

June 2011



Dear Souraya,

Thank you so much ofr your hardwork, skill and enthusiasm in making my dress. I was so happy with the finished piece and I am already trying to find occasions to wear it again. You did a wonderful job!

Kristy M


June 2011


Dear Souraya, I just wanted to thank you so much for creating my stunning wedding dress. It was everything I dreamed of and absolutely perfect. From the start of the design process, through the fittings and the final product you were so professional and such a lovely person to deal with. Your attention to detail was remarkable and I really think that showed in the final product. It fit perfectly and looked gorgeous. I will definitely recommend you to every bride in Sydney! Best wishes to you and your staff.

Date of Posting: 09 April 2011
Posted By: Simone G



Hi Souraya. Just a quick email to say hi and let you know that the wedding was perfect and such a happy day. The rain unfortunately didn’t hold off but we managed to get a few outdoor photo’s. Everything else ran smoothly and we had a blast (only I wish the day didn’t go so quickly!). The girls dresses looked amazing and photographed really well – you are wonderful at your job and should be commended. There is a link below to some of the professional photo’s and I will sort through all the other photo’s for a shot of the girls together and send to you. Take care and if we ever have another occasion we will definitely keep you in mind. xx

Date of Posting: 28 March 2011
Posted By: Corrine B



Hi Souraya, How are you I hope well, just sending you some pictures of my wedding. Hope you like them.Thank you again for your fantastic work on the dresses everyone loved them! Regards Marisa

Date of Posting: 15 February 2011
Posted By: Marisa P



Dear Souraya, Wow, where do I start? I guess the beginning is best… When I first met with you, I had just come from two other bridal designers & you were like a breath of fresh air! I was armed with pictures & a clear idea of what I wanted for my wedding dress. You were really open, honest & transparent from the very start. We talked styles & themes & what I liked & I knew right then (as did my mum!) that you were very much the right person to be designing the dress I wanted. All of our fittings & subsequent follow ups were always fun, & professional. At each stage of the design process, you kept me updated & explained reasons behind certain elements. You were always reassuring & always made me feel completely confident & comfortable with where we were at. I will never forget the day I had a fitting where my dress had become more than just calico, pins & un-hemmed fabric… I was amazed, & in awe. Souraya you were able to understand what I wanted & really produced a beautiful, stunning, & flowing gown. My dress has received so many compliments, & although I had the initial vision, you bought it to life! Thank you so much for your hard work, your skills, & your professional integrity. I truly hope you become a very recognised designer. With much gratitude,

Date of Posting: 01 February 2011
Posted By: Katrina M



Dear Souraya, Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our bridesmaids and flower girl dresses. They are absolutely beautiful and are just what we had imagined. Thank you also for being so easy to work with – it has been a delight having the dresses made by you and i’m sure we will visit you again in the near future! Brita. Jo, Ciara, Aimee and Jenni xoxo

Date of Posting: 13 December 2010
Posted By: Brita H



Good Morning Souraya, Just got back from Italy and thought I’d send you some photos of Luisa’s wedding day. The day was just beautiful and she and the children looked beautiful and natural and happy. Luisa was very happy with her dress and everybody said it was beautifully simple and simply her…. I felt very comfortable in my outfit as well and was very happy with it. You can see from the photos just how gorgeous the girls were! Kind regards Santa M

Date of Posting: 26 November 2010
Posted By: Santa M



Hi Souraya, I was having a cocktail party reception and I didn’t want a traditional wedding dress. I wanted a neat little knee-length dress inspired by what my mum wore in the early 60’s, Souraya understood my vision perfectly. Most other bridal salons looked at me like I was a lunatic when I said I wanted knee-length, I guess they just couldn’t comprehend that not all brides want to be princesses for a day! From my first visit I immediately felt confident that Souraya could create what I wanted. I didn’t want to spend thousands and Souraya created the most beautiful dress that fit within my budget. She gave me great ideas and very honest opinions on what suited me which I really appreciated. Souraya has a good eye and knows what works and I really trusted her opinions. I enjoyed going to Souraya’s clean, light-filled boutique for my fittings and it was always fun chatting with her and her assistant. Each time I went for a fitting, I saw my dress evolve from calico into the beautiful creation I had envisaged and it even surpassed my expectations. Souraya even helped with ideas on what shoes and jewellery would suit my style of dress. She really knows her stuff and goes out of her way to make sure you look your best and leave a happy customer. Thanks very much for the wonderful experience Souraya! I’ll be recommending you to all my friends and looking forward to popping in to say hi next time I’m in Leichhardt. Kerry

Date of Posting: 10 October 2010
Posted By: Kerry P



Just wanted to say Thank You! Thank you for making this experience so easy, happy and stress free (well for me anyway :) lol) as i didn’t have to create this magical dress, and magical it truly is. You have created an exquisite, elegant and magical gown, that not only has elements of me in it but it has elements of you and your artistic and creative flair! All in all Thank You! I wish you all the success and prosperity in the world, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. However always remember to stay true to yourself.

Date of Posting: 09 September 2010
Posted By: Lisa Z



Dear Souraya, Thank you so much for creating the dress of my dreams! Our wedding was perfect and everyone commented on the spectacular dress!

Date of Posting: 06 September 2010
Posted By: Belinda Dale



The Showroom in Leichhardt such a beautiful, tranquil space away from the busy streets. I went in with a friend who is also engaged and we both found our dresses the same day!!! We had made an appointment for the regular collection but were surprised to find they would be having a sale. I got a fantastic dress from the sale that was originally $8500 and it was the dress of my dreams Souraya is the most fantastic person I know and she would be making all my dresses in the future. My friend also found the dress of her dreams and we were so satisfied with Souraya’s work. Our dresses were made with all the best fabrics and they really accentuate our body, her dresses are gorgeous and beautifully made.‎

Date of Posting: 07 May 2010
Posted By: Michelle D



After visiting many top bridal salons around the city, I can say that the service is average. They certainly do not make you feel like you are just another bride on the schedule (like Vera Wang with her dirty floor samples and 20 other ladies trying on at the same dress at the same time as you), but the dressing rooms are a little small and the staff is a little dry. It is all worth it for the unique selection that she offers. For a bride who wants something a little different and edgy, yet still elegant and sophisticated this is the place for you. Your friends will not be wearing a similar version of your dress at their weddings 6 months later. She custom makes each dress to fit your body perfectly and will give you her honest opinion of what looks best (instead of just telling you what you want to hear, like Bergdorf’s does). With each fitting I have become increasingly more excited to wear what she has created for me. I highly recommend a visit to Souraya.

Date of Posting: 07 May 2010
Posted By: Bridget Ryan



I had the most amazing experience buying my wedding gown with Souraya. I visited the store months ago – I had seen her store on Norton street after visting her wonderful website. Like most Sydney brides, my first dress stop was at the more well known stores, which had a very nice stock, but I was a little overwhelmed. Upon walking into Souraya’s bright, airy showroom, I knew we were in the right place. I tried on a dozen wedding gowns in sydney that I would have loved to have worn for my wedding, but eventually decided on a tank style dress with beading which Souraya designed for me. Souraya and her staff were attentive, friendly, and willing to spend as much time with us as we needed. My mother and I both felt so at home there. I ended buying my wedding dress, a cocktail dress for my rehearsal dinner, a dress for my brother’s wedding and a cute evening dress – each one of them got so many compliments!!!!!!! So many people said they had never seen such a beautilful dress, or anything like my dress. Her dresses are perfect for the Sydney’ers looking for a custom made wedding dress which will suit any style. The materials used in her dresses are exquisite. We also got my veil, earrings, a comb, and a light wrap – one stop shopping here – it was like having a personal stylist. I can’t say enough good things about Souraya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date of Posting: 07 May 2010
Posted By: Kelly O’Shea



I knew that I did not want to visit every bridal store in the state to find my wedding dress nor did I have a desire to look like every other bride. When a co-worker recommended Souraya, I immediately called to schedule an appointment at the Leichhardt store. As soon as I walked in, I was at ease. The dresses were beautiful, simple with very clean lines but chic; which is exactly what I had in mind for my wedding. Souraya helped me at choosing styles that flattered my figure. Her dresses make you feel pretty as well as sexy. At the end of my appointment, there were two dresses that I could not decide between. Both were beautiful but I chose the one that both my friend and I liked a little bit more. It was a deep v-neck dress with a bias-cut skirt and it had subtle crystal beading. I loved my dress and best of all, my fiancé loved it too! I highly suggest you visit this designer especially if you are a no-fuss bride like me.

Date of Posting: 01 April 2010
Posted By: Monica Fraser



Souraya, It was a pleasure working with you for that “perfect” dress for my son’s christening day. I fell in love instantly with your work and the vibrant colours you use in your designs and of course the fabric, so delicate and unique. Thanks again for making me feel and look like a princess, it was a stunning dress, by far one of the best dresses i have ever owned. Claudia C.

Date of Posting: 23 March 2010
Posted By: Claudia Crapis



Hi Souraya, I love my dress. I felt so so comfortable on the evening and just loved it. I didn’t want to take it off. I was so comfortable to the point of craziness that I was just dancing away as I normally would. I had some girlfriends there who are very specific about clothing and they just loved it. One of them just can’t stop going on about it! From Zofia

Date of Posting: 22 March 2010
Posted By: Zofia –



Hello Souraya, Just wanted to say thanks again for making my most perfect wedding dress. We had the most divine and perfect time, just unbelievable – we want to do it again! Love Leearne

Date of Posting: 22 March 2010
Posted By: Leearne Hynes



It was extremely important to me that when it came to the design of my wedding gown for one of the most special days of my life that the designer would have to have the ability to listen, truly hear , understand, take an interest and be enjoyable to deal with. I found Souraya by just walking past her salon one day and getting her business card. I then contacted her at a later date to find out about how the process worked in making a custom made gown. Right from my first experience with Souraya, she was friendly, helpful, polite and explained things clearly. From the first appointment she just made me feel comfortable and demonstrated the qualities I described. She showed a genuine interest in my wedding day and the thoughts I had in mind for my gown. She listened and was able to understand and read the type of person I am and look I wanted. To this she was able to add in her thoughts and flair for design which resulted in expanding on what I had in mind and make the gown even better. Souraya is talented at what she does, highly committed and passionate about her work. She will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy with your gown, her work and service. In fact, she wants you to be so happy with anything she makes for you that her goal is for you to love it. Not only was the final design of my gown just magnificent but I just enjoyed going through the whole process with Souraya. She made it enjoyable and just so easy. Souraya made my gown in 4 weeks but she took it in her stride. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with Souraya and when you are leading up to your wedding day, you really only want to be surrounded by people supporting you and who want to help you to make your wedding day a success. I choose Souraya without a referral but just knowing that in talking to her I was making the right decision and having been into some of the wedding dress shops in Paddington, I wouldn’t have wanted to deal with anyone else but Souraya. Thank you Souraya for making my wedding gown more that what I could have dreamed for. January 2010 Zofia Skrzynski

Date of Posting: 22 March 2010
Posted By: Zofia Skrzynski